The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: #77 Why You Should Eat Sprouts, with Dr Chris D’Adamo

What are the issues with nutritional research, how do we create a robust culinary medicine teaching system for doctors … and why should we eat sprouts? These are the questions I put to Dr Chris D’Adamo – Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine on today’s podcast!

Dr D’Adamo is a medical research scientist with expertise in the synergistic effects of healthy lifestyle, environmental exposures, and genetics on human health and wellness. And his research, clinical, and educational network includes leaders in the fields of integrative medicine, functional medicine, and lifestyle medicine. 


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On the show today we talk about:

  • Epidemiology and his background in studying research
  • How his culinary medicine programme was set up
  • What phytonutrients cruciferous vegetables have in them and how they are processed
  • Sulforaphane and where it comes from
  • What the mechanisms are behind  this nutraceutical found in broccoli, cabbage and sprouts
  • The anti-viral activity of Sulforaphane
  • The impact on Heat Shock Proteins and Neuro-inflammation
  • How Sulforaphane impacts detoxification mechanisms and why this is important
  • How supplements are to be used exactly as a ‘supplement’ to the foundation of a healthy diet and lifestyle

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