Teaching people how to cook their way to health

The Doctor’s Kitchen began with Dr. Rupy Aujla, an NHS medical doctor whose life was changed when he suffered a significant heart condition. Since learning more about nutritional medicine and doing a deep dive into the literature he was able to reverse his condition using a food and lifestyle approach. In 2015 he started the Doctor’s Kitchen as a way of teaching everybody how they can cook their way to health and to showcase the beauty of food and medicinal effects of eating and living well.

Building an ecosystem

After gaining popularity as an online blog, he started the Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast, and produced three best selling books. In the last few years, Dr. Rupy has made regular appearances on television shows across the BBC, ITV and more recently alongside Prue Leith in Channel 4’s ‘Cook Clever, Waste Less’.

With a wealth of research and a huge catalogue of recipes built up over the years, it was time to take The Doctor’s Kitchen to the next level...

Developing into the future

Hey, it's Dr Rupy here. The Doctor’s Kitchen app is the ultimate realisation of everything I wanted The Doctor’s Kitchen to be. This is the perfect setup to enable people to specify exactly what their personal needs are, so that we can suggest delicious and evidence-based, simple recipes that align with their health goals.

The app is the next step for The Doctor’s Kitchen, and you can expect it to evolve in new and exciting ways. So sign up today and join me in the kitchen for some wholesome, exciting and indulgent healthy food.

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