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Dr Rupy Aujla

‘I'm just a straight-talking NHS doctor lending my unbiased opinion on healthy eating.’

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A culinary journey through food in medicine


Delicious recipes with flavour and function woven through their creation

By taking a holistic view of the body and mind, combined withconventional medical practice, we can achieve great things


I’ve had the privilege of discussing a range of topics covering eating for your brain, heartmental healthimmunity, women’s health and more with some of the world’s leading experts.

The podcast is one of the best projects to date and something we work super hard on here at The Doctor’s Kitchen.
Episode one covers my own personal health journey, overcoming Atrial Fibrillation back in 2011, but feel free to dive into any subject you’re interested in.

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I have helped patients, family and friends reach their healthierlifestyle goals. Let me help you reach yours

The Doctor’s Kitchen Meals

I have developed two delicious meal boxes in collaboration with Pollen + Grace. These boxes are formulated to contain at least 3, if not 4 of your 5-a-day and designed to make healthy eating easy, accessible, and delicious!

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