The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: Eating for Public Health

Today on the show I talk to a good friend and bestselling author, Dr Hazel Wallace, aka The Food Medic about eating for public health.

Dr Hazel is also host of The Food Medic podcast and is currently doing a masters in Clinical Nutrition and Public Health at UCL.

I talk to Hazel about how we can eat to improve public health in general and improve the current burden on our health care system.

You can listen to the podcast here.

We talk about:

  • Corporate responsibility – ensuring that people are offered healthier choices when shopping and eating out – such as low sugar items and whole foods
  • Giving the general public reasonable targets when it comes to food and what we should be aiming to include in our diets on a daily basis
  • Expectation management – what we see on social media v’s reality in clinic and GP surgeries
  • Fibre intake – how we can achieve our daily fibre intake guidelines (30g per day) by including more foods such as beans, nuts, legumes and foods like chickpeas in our daily diet.

One of my recipes from The Doctor’s Kitchen book which will ensure you’re hitting your daily fibre intake is my Spicy Baked Eggs with Tomatoes & Chickpeas.

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A quote from my conversation with Dr Hazel Wallace –

‘We tell everyone – meet your 10,000 steps a day, get 150 minutes of activity every week.  Some people aren’t getting half of that, so you have to set people individual targets’

I’m sure you will agree – that was a super interesting chat that I had with Hazel  – it’s clear to see that addressing some of the points that we raised can be so incredibly beneficial to public health in general.

Focusing on lifestyle changes within your diet and daily activities, including some of the tips that we spoke about on the podcast, can potentially lead to us all living healthier and happier lives.

If you’re interested on hearing more about what Hazel is up to with The Food Medic, please click on the links on the podcast page which will take you to the relevant social media pages.

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