The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: Eat for Your Teeth

In this podcast I have a great discussion with a good friend of mine from Sydney  – Dr Steven Lin – discussing nutrition and dental health.

We talk about the structure of our jaws, dentition and how nutrition affects the development of airway structure in growing children.

We also discuss the need for more collaboration between dentists, doctors and nutrition professionals and more connected thinking when it comes to health promotion.

You can listen to the episode here:

In this episode we cover:

  • How nutrition can affect gum and teeth health
  • We discuss the importance of the microbiota to oral health
  • How our ‘oral microbiota’ is related to disease
  • What we can learn from ancestral diets and teeth
  • The issue of ‘natural’ and ‘unrefined’ sugars
  • Vitamin D as an important micronutrient for dental health
  • How understanding your mouth is important to understanding the rest of your body


If you are having any issues with your teeth or gums – please contact your dentist in the first instance for specific advice.

As with other health related conditions, improvements in diet and lifestyle can be beneficial to the health of your teeth and gums.

These include focusing on nutrient dense ingredients, eating more fruits and vegetables and lowering consumption of processed foods and high sugar foods. Easy lifestyle changes can make such a difference to your overall health.

Listen to the episode for more in depth information on ‘eat for your teeth’, and try out some of the recipes in my book, on the website and and across social media

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