The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: #104, HOW TO LIVE with Professor Robert Thomas

Professor Robert Thomas is back on the podcast talking about his  incredible new book, How to Live.

I’ve recommended his previous books that have focused on the topic of cancer such as Keep Healthy After  Cancer’, but  this new book appears to cover every FAQ I’ve come  across throughout the years of lecturing, speaking  and demoing across the country and internationally. I highly recommend this read. With over 500 references in the back, but explained in plain language in the text, Prof has really created a book  that is super engaging and cuts through the noise. But it also tackles some of the most controversial topics in an open minded manner which is incredibly useful in todays misinformation environment.

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On Today’s podcast you will learn about:

  • Toxins in food
  • Chemicals in household products
  • Hormone disruption and what Toxic Load refers to
  • Milk and cancer
  • Xenoestrogens, what they refer and how to avoid them
  • EMF and whether there is evidence of harm
  • The beauty and  utility of colourful  food
  • Why the gut is central to health and wellbeing
  • Tips and actions for you to take today to Live Better

As a reminder, Professor Robert Thomas is a Consultant Oncologist at Bedford and Addenbrooke’s Hospitals, a clinical teacher at Cambridge University and visiting Professor of Sports and nutritional science at the University of Bedfordshire. He is lead of a Lifestyle and Cancer Research Unit, and is also medical advisor to the website  Through his amazing work – Prof Robert Thomas has previously been awarded The British Oncology Association’s “Oncologist of the Year” and The Royal College of Radiologist medal.

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