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Hi and welcome to The Doctor’s Kitchen! I’m Dr Rupy Aujla, an NHS medical doctor specialised in General Practice, I work in Emergency Medicine. Since learning more about nutritional medicine and doing a deep dive into the literature for over a decade, I started the Doctor’s Kitchen in 2015 as a way of teaching everybody how they can cook their way to health and to showcase the beauty of food and medicinal effects of eating and living well. And it’s come a long way since then.



I’ve had the privilege of discussing a range of topics covering eating for your brain, heart, mental health, immunity, women’s health and more with some of the world’s leading experts. The podcast is one of the best projects to date and something we work super hard on here at The Doctor’s Kitchen. Episode one covers my own personal health journey, overcoming Atrial Fibrillation back in 2011, but feel free to dive into any subject you’re interested in.



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My bestselling books will give you the tools and inspiration you need to live the healthiest, happiest life. They’re all packed full of delicious recipes that readers swear by, and I introduce the principles of healthy eating that help brain health, inflammation, support immune health as well as nurture your gut.



Check out my two BBC iPlayer series –  “Cooking in The Doctor’s Kitchen” & ‘Thrifty Cooking in The Doctor’s Kitchen – featuring easy, delicious recipes that are plant-focused and will kickstart your health.



Want recipes right now? Browse the large collection of recipes on the website here to give you some inspiration on how to eat and stay well with delicious food. I aim to support your health and wellbeing using the best evidence available which is why there are no strict dietary regimens, calorie counting or removing food groups. Flavour and Function is the motto and the ‘Principles’ of eating colourful plants, fibre, quality fats and mostly veggies underpin the recipes

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Culinary Medicine

Whilst I’m passionate about cooking, lifestyle and nutritional medicine I think it’s imperative to change the current model of healthcare to appreciate the medicinal effects of eating well. That’s why I founded the non-profit “Culinary medicine UK” in 2017. A unique collaborative organisation with dieticians, chefs and doctors who teach healthcare professionals the foundations of clinical nutrition as well as how to cook!


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