This book will change the way you cook forever

✔️ 3 portions of fruit and vegetables per person
✔️ 2 servings per recipe (Just double the ingredients for a family)
✔️ 1 pan

Why 3-2-1 ?

The easiest way to improve your health is to eat more plants, which have a whole range of health benefits.

But one of the biggest obstacles people face to eating healthily is time and effort.

Every one of the recipes has been specially formulated to pack in the maximum amount of healthy fruit and vegetables using as little equipment as possible. Making cooking quick, simple and minimising prep time and washing up. The book is packed with delicious curries, stews, traybakes, salads and lots more.

Containing over 100 recipes that offer a streamlined cooking process whilst ensuring health benefits to optimise wellbeing, 3-2-1 is an easy-to-follow health prescription.

This daily dose of fresh ingredients, quality fats, whole grains and plenty of fibre lowers the risk of disease.

My core principles of healthy eating remain the same – keep plant focused, eat lots of fibre, plenty of colourful vegetables and whole foods.

As a busy doctor, I know that one of the main reasons people choose not to cook at home is lack of time as well as the effort to cook it.

In my new book – I promise you flavourful dishes that consistently look after our bodies, helping to beat illness by optimising our food choices.

This is a prescription to fill yourself, one plate at a time.


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