Carrot and Courgette Laksa

Serves 4

About this recipe

Making the paste for this delicious meal from scratch is so simple and totally worth the effort (see page 246), but you could use a ready-made Malaysian-style red curry (laksa) paste if you prefer – in fact, most south-east Asian pastes will work in this dish.

Curries are a fantastic vehicle for nutrient-rich vegetables. Carrots are a rich and widely available source of beta-carotene, but you could easily use grated sweet potato or butternut squash for similar nutrient and health properties. The grated apple brings a touch of sweetness to the final dish that mellows the heat of the paste.


Photo Credit: Faith Maison

Recipe taken from: The Doctor’s Kitchen, Eat to Beat Illness


600ml Water
1 Vegetable stock cube
150g Malaysian Laksa Paste (see page 246 or 4 tbsp shop-bought paste)
400ml Tin coconut milk
200g Brown rice noodles
200g Carrots, grated
300g Courgettes, grated
200g Green beans, roughly chopped
½ Red chilli, finely chopped
A little chopped fresh coriander, to serve
½ Red apple
1 Lime, halved


Bring the water to the boil in a large saucepan and dissolve the stock cube in the water. Add the laksa paste and coconut milk and bring to a simmer.

Add the noodles and stir for 2–3 minutes then add all the vegetables. Bring to a simmer and allow the flavours to marry for a few minutes before dividing among large bowls.

Scatter the chilli over each serving along with a little chopped coriander.

Grate some apple over each serving and finish with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.


+ Swap the brown rice noodles for white rice noodles or other noodles you have on hand (bearing in mind that they might take less or more time to cook).
+ Try grating other vegetables like celeriac, parsnip or even beetroot for a delicious earthy twist.

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