#41: The Best of Doctor's Kitchen

25 Nov 2019

In today’s episode we celebrate some of the earliest podcasts by giving you some clips from the most incredible interviews over the last 2 years of recording.

We’ve recorded over 100 hours of conversations so prepare yourself for a whistle stop tour on how to eat healthy over the festive season, the principles of healthy eating and living, avoiding the dreaded winter viruses and of course why gratitude should be on your list of things to keep you healthy.

Featured on the pod today are the following - (click the names below to listen to the guest episodes in full):

Have a listen to the podcast and enjoy - and don’t forget to give us a 5* rating on the podcast, it really does help to spread the love and the message and for others to find us too!

There is A LOT of evidence based, safe dietary and lifestyle change that we as practitioners can be confidently discussing with our patients.  Listen to the end of each of the episodes for a summary of our discussions and how to improve your overall wellbeing.

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  Finally, a huge  THANK YOU to all my guests who have given up their own time to chat with me about all things health and wellbeing. And of course another massive THANK YOU to all the listeners for all your great comments and 5* reviews, it truly is incredibly appreciated! It really is a privilege to spend time with all of my guests, I absolutely love meeting them all and taking the time to get to know them, theres some really fascinating conversations and discussions - so do check out any episodes that you might have missed, or indeed want to listen to again - theyre all on The Doctors Kitchen website or you can find them on your preferred podcast player!  Have a listen and enjoy! And dont forget to check out The Doctors Kitchen YouTube channel too for all the cooking videos from the most recent podcast recordings along with a ton of recipes for you too! Ill be back with you in the new year with another load of great podcast recordings, bringing all the most up to date information on health and wellbeing directly to you!  


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