#3: Principle 2: Eat Whole

24 Oct 2018

We discuss the concept of eating more whole foods. What does eating whole actually mean?

Are there clear health benefits for eating more whole foods? Could this be the answer to our public health crisis of lifestyle disease as well as some actionable tips for how you can eat more ‘whole’; every day.

We talk about:

  • What does eating whole actually mean?
  • What are the benefits of eating less processed and convenience foods?
  • Supplements
  • Why convenience food is not always the best
  • Health powders, sprinkles, bars, juices, smoothies, teas - are they beneficial?
  • What alternatives are just as good if not BETTER than the expensive stuff?
  • Fibre and micronutrient content
  • How do we do this on a budget?
  • Preparing food from scratch and easy time saving hacks
  • What is the difference between eating Whole cooked vs Raw?
  • To food prep or not to food prep?


There is a universe of science in each mouthful of food and it’s near impossible to explain with current understanding  - but to reach a healthier life we know we can rely on the simple advice of eating whole foods where possible.

GUEST: Alexandra Swaka

Represents the World Health Organization Collaborating Center based in the Primary Care and Public Health Department of Imperial College London, where I conduct research in nutritional epidemiology. https://www.imperial.ac.uk/school-public-health/primary-care-and-public-health/teaching/whocc/  

with Alexandra Swaka

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