#2: Principle 1 - Eat Colourful

23 Oct 2018

I chat with friend and medical colleague Dr Anita Mitra about all things to do with colourful eating.

We talk about:

  • What is a phytochemical?
  • Why do plants have different colours and smells?
  • The difference between micronutrients and phytochemicals
  • What is plant hormesis?
  • The benefits of consuming plant chemicals, spices and herbs with specific reference to popular spices turmeric and matcha tea

GUEST: Dr Anita Mitra

Dr Anita Mitra, BSc, MBChB, PhD is a London-based doctor, who qualified in 2011 and has experience in both academic research and clinical medicine. She is currently training to be a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Dr Mitra appears on-line as The Gynae Geek and is the author of The Gynae Geek: your no-nonsense guide to down there healthcare, due to be published on 7th March 2019

with Dr Anita Mitra

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