#18: Eat for Endometriosis with Dr Anita Mitra

12 Mar 2019

Welcome to this episode of the podcast.   Today we’re going to be talking with one of my favourites for the podcast - Gynaecologist and lifestyle medicine advocate, Anita Mitra aka the Gynae Geek  - who returns to the podcast, this time to discuss Endometriosis.

Essentially, Anita is the gynaecologist and women’s health specialist that everyone wishes they had - she is an absolute wealth of information.

In today’s episode we talk about the following

  • What Endometriosis actually is
  • Why to avoid treatments like colonic irrigation
  • The importance of drinking water and eating fibre in your diet
  • The importance of Oestrogen in your body
  • What is Oestrogen dominance
  • The importance of exercise
  • Why fruit can be one of the best things to include in your diet

If I could recommend one recipe to sum up  today’s episode it would be the Greek Style Giant Beans which is going to be in my new book - Eat to Beat Illness- out on 21st March.  This recipe is absolutely delicious - it’s Greek style, there’s lots of greens in there, plus lots of beans, all in a delicious mediterranean style tomato sauce and super easy to make.

GUEST: Dr Anita Mitra

Dr Anita Mitra, BSc, MBChB, PhD is a London-based doctor, who qualified in 2011 and has experience in both academic research and clinical medicine. She is currently training to be a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Dr Mitra appears on-line as The Gynae Geek and is the author of The Gynae Geek: your no-nonsense guide to down there healthcare, published on 7th March 2019

with Dr Anita Mitra

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