#13: Exercise & Activity with Dr John Sykes

24 Jan 2019

Today we’re going to talk about something a little different with a good friend of mine,  Dr John Sykes aka “health and fitness doctor”.

Director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine,  Dr John is a qualified GP with a strong interest in Sports Medicine. He regularly lectures at Bristol medical school and he’s the reason why I’ve been dragged down there so many times to talk to medical students!

In this episode, we talk about  why movement and exercise can benefit:

  • Inflammation balance
  • Support mitochondria
  • Weight loss and how this affects inflammation
  • Cardio respiratory fitness and its relationship to longevity
  • Cancer and preventing recurrence as well as improving outcomes during treatment

GUEST: Dr John Sykes

Dr John Sykes is a GP based in Bath who has a keen interest in Lifestyle Medicine and is a Trustee and Director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr John takes great pleasure from empowering and encouraging his patients to be more active, eat better, relax daily and optimise their sleep in order to improve their health and reduce their risk of disease. He is a Mac Nutrition Uni Certified Nutritionist and has organised and run several conferences and teaching sessions on Lifestyle Medicine for students and healthcare practitioners in the UK

with Dr John Sykes

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