Nectarine and Broad Bean Salad

Serves 2

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  • 160g Nectarine, cut into slices 
  • 160g Frozen broad beans (you’ll need 500g of whole broad bean pods if using fresh)
  • 160g Baby spinach leaves, roughly chopped
  • 2 tbsp Chilli oil
  • Pinch of Salt and Pepper
  • 2 Buffalo tomatoes, sliced
  • 50g Buffalo mozzarella (or plant based alternative) ripped into bitesize pieces

If using broad beans in their pods: run your finger along each pod to open them, then push the beans out into a bowl. Small beans can be left as they are. Large beans need to be removed from their tough leathery skin. To do so, cook for 5 minutes in boiling water, drain and place into a bowl of cold water. Break the skins and gently squeeze out the bright green bean. If using frozen broad beans, simply measure out 160g in a bowl and set aside to thaw.

Place the nectarine, broad beans and spinach in a large mixing bowl. Add the chilli oil and a good pinch of salt and pepper, then toss to combine. 

Layer the salad and sliced tomatoes onto two plates, then top with the mozzarella.

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