#26: Eating for Mental Health with Professor Felice Jacka

12 Aug 2019

Food and Mood is the topic of the podcast this week where we’re talking about ‘Eating for Mental Health’ with Professor Felice Jacka, Director of the Food & Mood Centre at Deakin University in Australia.

Today I’m speaking to Professor Felice Jacka about her new book BRAIN CHANGER and how diet can save your mental health. The book tells the story of why we need to consider our food as the basis of our brain and mental health throughout our lives.

Prof Jacka first came on my radar when I heard of the SMILES trials - which we’ll talk about a little bit later in the Podcast.

Professor Jacka is also founder and president of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research (ISNPR) and pioneered a highly innovative program of research that examines how individual’s diets, and other lifestyle behaviours, interact with the risk for mental health problems.

Today we talk about:

  • Where mental health begins
  • Junk food and its impact on the adolescent brain
  • Stress and its impact on the immune system
  • The SMILES trials
  • Including quality fats in your diet
  • Making sure that you’re getting fibre into your diet
  • Flavonoids, colours and getting more plants onto people’s plates

You’ll find the recipe video that I made with Professor Jacka, and our super interesting conversation - on my youtube channel go check it out online and there’s a link below too!

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Don’t forget to pick up a copy of my new book - Eat to Beat Illness - where I have a whole chapter dedicated to ‘Eat for your Mood’  - which I’m grateful to say mirrors a lot of what Felice Jacka has been talking about today and in her book.

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"but just this knowledge that if you feed your gut, youre going to be doing good.  And you dont need to know the detail of which bacterial strain is doing what, you just need to know that your gut bugs need fibre to do what they do.  If you dont have enough fibre, they cant do what they do"

Professor Felice Jacka

Im sure youll agree what an unbelievable guest Professor Felice Jacka was on the podcast - and such a pleasure to be around.  Dont forget to check out Professor Jackas new book - Brain Changer - is out now and available from Amazon and all good book stores.
In Professor Jackas book, you will find all that we talked about and much much more - including her personal experience with mental health, junk food and its impact on the adolescent brain, different sorts of dietary practices - we touched on ketogenic diet but she also talks about low carb and a whole bunch of others.  Why a mediterranean style of eating may be the best overall - in terms of overall health as well as particular regard to mental health.  And also she talks about stress, its impact on the immune system, neuro inflammation, and the difference types of data and studies.
You can find Professor Jacka on Twitter and on Instagram on the links noted here too.

GUEST: Professor Felice Jacka

Professor Felice Jacka is director of the Food & Mood Centre at Deakin University in Australia, founder and president of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research, and immediate past-president of the Australian Alliance for the Prevention of Mental Disorders. She holds Honorary Principal Research Fellow appointments at the Centre for Adolescent Health, Murdoch Childrens Research Centre, and the Black Dog Institute. Professor Jackas current research focuses closely on the links between diet, gut health and mental and brain health.  

with Professor Felice Jacka

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