#244 How Immunity is influenced by the Mind with Dr Monty Lyman

24 Apr 2024

For most of medical history, in the West at least, the idea that there could be a relationship between the mind and the immune system was inconceivable.

At medical school, I was taught that there is no relationship whatsoever between our mindset and our ability to stave off infections like viruses, colds and even reduce our susceptibility to cancer.

But that is now thought to be completely incorrect. In fact there is a clear relationship between our emotions, our microbes and our immune systems.

To talk about this with me today is Dr Monty Lyman. A medical doctor, researcher and author who specializes in the relationship between the mind and the immune system. He is an Academic Clinical Fellow at the University of Oxford and in todays podcast we talk about:

  • Gut Rehabilitation and what that entails
  • How irritable bowel relates to an ‘irritable mind’
  • The relationship between the mind, body and microbes
  • Why psychological stress causes inflammation in the body
  • How an anti-inflammatory lifestyle heals both mind and body by recalibrating an unbalanced defence system

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