#145 Eating for Mental Health with Dr Rupy

13 Apr 2022

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In this series of episodes, I want to go over some of the studies we used to create recipes for 6 health goals:

  1. Skin health
  2. Mental health
  3. Brain health
  4. Inflammation
  5. Heart health
  6. General wellbeing

Today’s deep dive is all to do with Mental Health. Forgive me if the initial part of this pod is a bit too basic, but I think it’s important to get the fundamentals right, give you an understanding of the mechanisms by which food can impact mental health, the current state of studies looking at dietary patterns and mental health as well as calling out some specific nutrients.

I talk about how we used this information to create recipes in the app to ensure that the recipes in the app are using evidence-based eating principles and ingredients to create flavourful and practical recipes for everyday meals.

I’m doing a new thing which is our podcast recipe of the week, a recipe that reflects the topic of conversation on the pod! This week’s recipe is the Chickpea Stew with Almond Picada which you can find on the app here: https://apple.co/3G0zC0Z (iphone only, android users please bear with me)

We would love to get your feedback on the subject matter of these episodes - please do let me know on our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) what you think,and give us a 5* rating on your podcast player if you enjoyed today’s episode.


We used links and digital object identifiers to make the list easier to go through.

Fruits and vegetables consumption and risk of depression - Systematic review and meta-analysis


British journal of nutrition (2018)

Fish consumption and risk of depression - Systematic review and meta-analysis

Asia-Pacific psychiatry (2018)

Good reviews

Diet and depression: exploring the biological mechanisms of action (Marx et al. 2021)


Nutritional psychiatry: the present state of the evidence (Marx et al.2017)


Good guidelines

Processed foods


Fats - why we need some fats and the guidelines for saturated and trans fats



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