#131 Dr Rupy’s 2021 Wrap Up!

15 Dec 2021

Hey,  I’m basing this end of year podcast on my newsletter format where I share something to Eat, Read, Watch or Listen to every week.

Today, I’ll be talking through my top 3 book suggestions, 3 podcasts I reckon you should listen to or revisit from my archive and 3 brilliant movies and series to watch!

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How to Live - Prof Robert Thomas

The Pain-Free Mindset - Dr Deepak Ravindran

The Paradox of Choice - Barry Schwartz



Sustainable Weight Loss - Dr Nick Fuller

Watercress as Medicine - Dr Kyle Stewart

The Female Ageing Brain - Dr Lisa Mosconi 



Road Runner

High on the Hog

Meat me Halfway


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Sustainable Weight Loss Dr Nick Fuller


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Watercress as Medicine Dr Kyle Stewart


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The Female Ageing Brain Dr Lisa Mosconi 


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Well that rounds up another fantastic year of the podcasts - what amazing guests I truly have had the pleasure of speaking with - it really has been an honour to speak to each and every one of them!
I hope that you find these podcasts useful and interesting and do share them with friends, family and colleagues if they resonate with you and might be helpful to others too.
Wishing you all the best for a great Christmas & New Year and heres to a great 2022!


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