#199 Are Glucose Hacks Worth It? with Dr Rupy Aujla

07 Jun 2023

On today’s podcast we’ll be talking more specifically about practices, tactics/‘hacks’ to reduce blood glucose spikes and crashes, strategies to keep us insulin sensitive and ultimately improve our metabolic health, so we can prevent things like T2DM, certain cancers, dementia, obesity, CVD. Potentially even improving the management of conditions like PCOS, headaches and vague symptoms like brain fog, fatigue and more.

Specifically I’m talking through popular hacks to maintain a normal glucose

  • Vinegar before meals
  • The order of foods (nutrient sequence manipulation)
  • Fibre before meals
  • Exercise after eating
  • Plus supplements including psyllium, green tea, berberine and salacia oblonga

I’m diving into the studies that many people use to recommed these practices, the doses and I’ll ultimately let you know whether I think they’re worth trying!

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