#53: The Doctor’s Kitchen LIVE Podcast: Opportunities for Growth Post Pandemic (with a Live Q&A Session)

20 May 2020

Welcome to a special episode of The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast - LIVE!

Today’s podcast was filmed recently on Zoom with a live audience of 20 people online - what a great experience and a real pleasure to connect with those in the audience.

Earlier this year, I introduced the idea of what I wanted to create as an immersive Doctor’s Kitchen experience - a supper club event with 3 guest interviews and an opportunity for those attending to ask live questions.

The initial idea revolved around 3 core themes: EAT, MOTIVATE & INSPIRE. Unfortunately, we had to postpone the supper club event for obvious reasons - so I thought instead that I would reflect on a few events of the last couple of months as well as giving an opportunity to those in the audience of the live podcast to ask me anything.

Some of the key topics I talk about today include:

  • How we cultivate a community that is able to look after itself effortlessly?
  • How can we grow from this tragic experience?
  • The renewed realisation of the wider determinants of health, namely community, connection and purpose.
  • Financial, Environmental and Societal impacts on healthy lifestyles and the responsibility of our government to enhance the resilience of our population

I also pose the opportunity of this current situation as a moment to rethink the immediacy of other looming catastrophes, namely the environment and microbial resistance. And I close with a short discussion on rethinking our food landscape to appreciate the addictive nature of processed foods and the importance of nutritional medicine.


I do hope that you find this episode informative and useful at this time, and I would really love your feedback on the episodes that we are sharing here.  Let me know on our Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pages.

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Please do check out the video of the LIVE podcast here on my YouTube channel


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