#42: Surviving Your Own Story with Tulsi Vagjiani

27 Jan 2020

Welcome back to The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast!

We’re kicking off the podcasts again with an amazing guest - Tulsi Vagjiani.  This is an incredible episode and you’re going to really take a lot from it today!

What you will hear on todays podcast is a story of survival, determination and resilience. A story of overcoming one’s inner demons and those of society at the same time.

Tulsi is a healer in many respects and I hope that her story that she bravely shares with us all today will help you on your journey, whatever your individual obstacles may be.

In Tulsi’s words and from her own website:

“You may be climbing a mountain but think of the view when you reach the top”

Tulsi is a global ambassador and humanitarian and with her current role as a motivational speaker and a confidence & empowerment coach, she is able to travel and make a difference internationally.

Tulsi’s role includes working in schools delivering workshops to empower the students, particularly around self-image and mental health awareness.

The story that you will hear today of resilience, determination and survival is incredibly inspiring and empowering.

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There is A LOT of evidence based, safe dietary and lifestyle change that we as practitioners can be confidently discussing with our patients.  Listen to the end for a summary of our discussion and how to improve your overall wellbeing.

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"The point of impact is when youre the victim - I dont take that away.  

But what you choose to do afterwards is what determines whether youre going to be a survivor or not.  

Im not taking away the pain and situation of what happened - far from it.  

I was a victim at my accident, but I became a survivor afterwards and for me, anyone can change that dialogue"

Tulsi Vagjiani

Thanks for listening today and Im sure you will be as blown away with Tulsis story and resilience as I am.
What an incredible and inspirational human being - it really does make you stop and think about your own life and what really matters.
Make sure you check out Tulsi on Instagram, Facebook and her website and do follow Tulsis amazing journey as Im sure there will be a lot more to come from Tulsi Vagjiani and I cant wait to see whats next!
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GUEST: Tulsi Vagjiani

Tulsi Vagjiani, 40, East London is a multi award winning global ambassador and humanitarian. Her current role as a motivational speaker and a confidence & empowerment coach enables her to travel and make a difference internationally. Her role includes working in schools delivering workshops to empower the students particularly around self-image and mental health awareness.  Her story of resilience, determination and survival is inspiring and empowering.   Surviving a plane crash and sustaining 45% degrees burns to her face and body, life has challenged her in many ways. It all changed direction when she was diagnosed with ‘End stage Renal Failure’ at the age of 26, life suddenly became surviving from a different perspective. Her burns suddenly didn’t seem important as fighting for her life was paramount. Due to complications her physical health was comprised and Pilates played a huge part in her rehabilitation.  She now practises Reformers Pilates regularly to help with her fitness and rehabilitation.  Tulsi is a Motivational Speaker, Pilates Rehabilitation Specialist, Meditation Guidance and Reiki Grand Master all which play a pivotal role in her recovery and healing. She is currently working with the community which She  grew up in to help break the stigma of mental health and judgment. ‘I feel it’s my time to give back and liberate people from condition thinking that no longer serves us but instead to live a life with true authenticity. With love and compassion we can work closer in attaining global world peace.’  

with Tulsi Vagjiani

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