#40: The Doctor's Dinner Party with Your Lifestyle Doctors

18 Nov 2019

Today on the podcast we have something slightly different for you!

This is The Doctor’s Dinner Party that I recorded with Your Lifestyle Doctors.  

Your Lifestyle Doctors are five incredible doctors who are passionate about helping their patients and the public to live healthier lives. They have a broad and unique set of expertise between them and decided to use their knowledge collaboratively.

Their focus is on prevention and lifestyle factors to improve and optimise health and you are going to find so much more about them all during the course of this episode.

We have a candid conversation about many topics, including the role of a GP and how that’s changed over the years.  We also talk about how these doctors are implementing lifestyle approaches to some of their patient consultations and the results that they are achieving.

Do listen to and enjoy this episode - I think you will find it absolutely enlightening and super interesting!

I was absolutely honoured to have these doctors on the podcast and so proud of what they are looking to achieve and how they are moving forward.

Click here to view the recipes that I cooked on this episode, on my YouTube channel - you can see how delicious and easy they were to make .. even whilst recording a podcast!

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There is A LOT of evidence based, safe dietary and lifestyle change that we as practitioners can be confidently discussing with our patients.  Listen to the end for a summary of our discussion and how to improve your overall wellbeing.

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I guess it was the very first time I had experienced what that vulnerability of being on the other side of the consultation table feels like.  I just wanted somebody to listen to what my anxieties were.  Everybody said - you are just anxious, you are just traumatised, heres an anti-depressant, this will fix it.  I had never really felt the need to listen to my intuition until that point.  There were lots of  different things that happened, that made me look - not just at my own life but really has informed the kind of doctor I am now


Your Lifestyle Doctors

I hope you have enjoyed this episode as much as we did recording it - and dont forget to check out Your Lifestyle Doctors on their Instagram page linked here too!
Check out the YouTube video from the dinner party here:

GUEST: Your Lifestyle Doctors

We are a group of doctors who are passionate about helping our patients and the public to live healthier lives. We have a broad and unique set of expertise between us and decided to use our knowledge collaboratively as ‘your lifestyle doctors’. Our focus is on prevention and lifestyle factors to improve and optimise health.  Take a look at our Instagram page @yourlifestyledoctors where you’ll find a wealth of health information. We cover posts in: * Nutrition * Healthy Recipes  * Physical Exercise and Home Workouts * Stress Management including Meditation & Mindfulness * Behaviour Change  One of our main aims is to help you gain the knowledge, know how and health hacks to get you into better health. We’ll be hosting interactive workshops where you’ll leave with an abundance of tips to get you on the road to better health Your Lifestyle Doctors Dr Chintal Patel is a NHS GP in central London and a GP trainer for Imperial College.  She is a mum of two and passionate foodie. She writes a recipe blog and hosts cookery classes and workshops sharing healthy family friendly recipes as well as time saving tips & hacks to get you cooking from scratch and eating healthier together as a family. Dr Venita Patel is a Paediatrician and Nutrition specialist. Her goal is to simplify and demystify nutrition and lifestyle messages for everyday life, through the platform @healthvianutrition. She runs regular children’s nutritional therapy clinics, supporting childhood growth, development brain health and immunity. She gives regular talks and workshops to parents and professionals Dr Sumi Baruah is an NHS GP Partner and Trainer in South East London with a passion for teaching lifestyle medicine and has hosted workshops locally and abroad for the public. She is a certified health coach and director of Culinary Medicine UK, a social enterprise educating health practitioners on the foundations of clinical nutrition and how to cook.  Dr Christie Lewis is a West London GP, specialising in Lifestyle Coaching and Preventative Medicine. Alongside being a Doctor, she is also a qualified Physiotherapist and acupuncturist. She is hugely passionate about helping people manage stress and avoid burnout and has started running her own de-stress retreats. Dr Punam Krishan is a NHS GP and medical educator in Glasgow. She is a trustee and director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, has hosted conferences, workshops, is a certified health coach and co-founder of Glasgow Wellbeings. Punam is a writer and works for the BBC to promote public health messages.

with Your Lifestyle Doctors

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