#22: Eat For The World with Dr Sandro Demaio

15 Jul 2019

Welcome to a brand new episode of The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast - and today I welcome the amazing Dr Sandro Demaio - the CEO of EAT*

*a global, non-profit startup dedicated to transforming our global food system through sound science, impatient disruption and novel partnerships

The Doctor’s Kitchen is about blending together the science with delicious recipes inspired by cuisines from across the world and today’s discussion with Dr Sandro takes a slightly different path.

We’re going to be primarily talking about the answer to the question posed by the EAT foundation – Can we feed 10 billion healthy people on a healthy planet?

Here on the Doctor’s kitchen podcast we discuss the intersection between nutrition and lifestyle across the breadth of medical specialities, and it’s just as important to consider our environment. The sustainability of our food choices ultimately impacts the health of our planet hence why we are talking about diet and eating for the world.

Have a listen to the episode - I think you’ll enjoy this one!


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Im sure you will agree, a passionately informative podcast with Dr Sandro - he really is an inspirational character.  I really hope you found that episode informative and useful.
I think we all have a planetary health responsibility but its also very actionable - and I hope just  from our conversation you understand how easy it can be to look after our own health and our planetary health
To summarise, the transformation to healthy diets by 2050 will require a big shift in how we are currently eating, which is largely meat focused.  But really, increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes - things like chickpeas that we talked about a lot, broad beans, adzuki, black beans - whatever type of beans that you like, will all help.
Fortunately - my books, including the new book- Eat to Beat Illness - will encourage you and give you actionable ideas and suggestions on how to factor in easy changes to your diet.
The consumption of foods like like red meat and sugar will have to be massively reduced - and this is not only for our own health but for our environmental health too.
Heres a link to the  Eat Lancet Report that we talk about on the podcast episode and dont forget to check out Sandro Demaio on all the links Ive listed here.
If I was to recommend one recipe from my book - Eat to Beat Illness - which would cover everything that we talked about today it would be the Ethiopian Berbere Curry (pg 213)- with tomatoes, different sorts of greens and lots of plant based foods, youre going to absolutely love it!

GUEST: Dr Alessandro Demaio

Having spent time at Harvard Medical School, the University of Copenhagen and Monash University - completing a PhD, Masters of Public Health and Medical Degree - Sandro understands first hand the issues around nutrition and obesity and the power of the plate. He has worked in Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, USA, Denmark, Switzerland and Norway. He authored over 30 scientific publications and 100 articles. Sandro is currently the CEO of the EAT Foundation in Oslo, Norway and has recently finished up as a Medical Officer for the United Nations World Health Organisation in Geneva. His passion saw him co-found NCDFREE, co-host ‘Ask The Doctor’ on both ABC and Netflix and author “The Doctor’s Diet”; a cookbook based on evidence and inspired by a love for good food. In 2018, he founded the Sandro Demaio Foundation – focused on improving the health and nutrition of Australian kids. You can view some additional reading  here and also view a recent healthy habits blog written by Dr Demaio. Dr Sandros book - The Doctors Diet  - is a fantastic read and great news, its also now available in the UK (from Waterstones and Amazon) with all proceeds going to supporting public health projects. In addition - EAT Foundation have just released a new podcast series called Lets Rethink Food with Dr Hazel Wallace - you can have a listen to the episodes here, I think youll enjoy them! Dont forget to check out Dr Sandros Instagram page on the page links here too - for great content and updates on the EAT Foundation.

with Dr Alessandro Demaio

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