#216 Fasting for Women with Dr Mindy Pelz

04 Oct 2023

Fasting is one of the hottest topics at the moment and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr Mindy Pelz to dive into this fascinating area. 

Like I always say to people, fasting is potentially a phenomenal, multifunctional tool that we can use to improve our immune system and our metabolic health. But the dose of fasting, the method of fasting and whether fasting is at all appropriate if you have a pre-existing condition, are all questions that are very hard to answer.

Adding further complexity to the decision of how and when to fast, is the menstrual cycle.  For years Mindy has been educating 1000s of women online on how to make the best use of this tool with the consideration of their shifting hormones.

We go into a lot of detail today, but as ever there are so many more things that we need to discuss and will probably have to do a part 2 at some point in the future.

Do check out Mindy’s fabulous book, “Fast like a Girl”, I’ve been recommending it to everyone and it’s a great resource for anyone interested in fasting as a tool for health.

We also talk about some caveats of fasting and who fasting is NOT for in this episode. This is especially the case for anyone pregnant, breastfeeding or who has a history of eating disorders.

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GUEST: Dr Mindy Pelz

Bestselling Author | Fasting Expert| Public Speaker

Dr. Mindy Pelz is a renowned holistic health expert and one of the leading voices in educating women about their bodies. She is on a mission to start a women's health revolution!

Teaching her signature “5-Step Approach,” Dr. Mindy has empowered hundreds of thousands of people around the world to harness their body’s own healing abilities through fasting, diet variation, detoxing chemicals from the body, stress management, and lifestyle changes - as keys to achieving optimum health and slowing down the aging process. Her private coaching group, The Reset Academy, teaches women how to sync a fasting lifestyle with their hormones. 

Dr. Mindy’s high-profile clients include entertainer LeAnn Rimes, former race car driver Danica Patrick, and actress Kat Graham – co-host of their joint podcast “Women United.”  She has also worked with popular influencer Jesse Itzler, Olympic athletes, Academy Award-winning actors, Silicon Valley CEOs, and countless patients looking to supercharge their body’s healing powers! 

There is nothing that Dr. Mindy loves more than empowering people to take back control of their health. Her Youtube channel featuring fasting and alternative health tips have garnered over 26 million lifetime views. She is the author of several bestselling books including the newly-released Fast Like a Girl, The Menopause Reset, The Reset Factor, and The Reset Kitchen.   Dr. Mindy’s podcast, “The Resetter Podcast,” is ranked within Apple’s top 40 category of U.S. science podcasts. Guests of the podcast have included game-changing thought leaders the likes of Marianne Williamson, Dave Asprey, Dr. Will Cole, Rhonda Byrne, Michael Beckwith, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Tony Horton, and Drew Manning. 

She has been featured on “EXTRA TV,” The Doctors,” DailyMail TV, on Well + Good, Real Simple, Healthline, SheFinds.com, and in Parade, Muscle & Fitness, and Intermittent Fasting magazines, amongst many others.

 A native of Los Angeles, Dr. Mindy pursued her early passion for wellness at the University of Kansas where she was a member of the tennis team; and earned her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. She currently lives in San Jose, CA with her family. You can find more about Dr. MIndy, her course, her books, booking her for a speaking event, or signing up for her newsletter list at www.drmindypelz.com

with Dr Mindy Pelz

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