COVID19 -Special Episode: What You Need to Know, Opportunities for Compassion and Dealing with Media Anxiety

01 Apr 2020

On the podcast this week we’re taking a slightly different approach - we usually cover topics such as food, medicine and lifestyle, but in light of the current situation I thought it would be pertinent to share something else with you this week.

We’re delaying our future episodes for the time being and I wanted to talk to you today about the COVID19 situation - there’s a lot of details out there at the moment and it’s an incredibly overwhelming amount of information coming from many many different sources, including social media.

This weeks episode is geared toward arming you with the tools to understand the current news, how to contextualise the scary scenarios and what to expect from the numbers over the next few weeks.

So today, I wanted to share with you

  • My thoughts on 'what you need to know' regarding the current COVID19 situation (as of 28th March)
  • A 'How to' guide for dealing with quarantine and the positive effects it can have including opportunities for kindness
  • How you can be supporting your mental health
  • Ways to look after your physical health and your nutrition intake
  • The impact the situation may be having on teenagers/students
  • Tips on navigating social media and the media/news at the current time
  • My current work within the NHS and ways that you may be able to help and get involved
  • What we're doing within The Doctor's Kitchen to provide support and information throughout this time


I appreciate that there’s a lot of news and information out there at the moment on COVID19, so please do feel free to listen to as little or as much of this episode as you can at this current time.

And I’d love your feedback - are episodes like this helpful and beneficial, do you want me to do more of these types of episodes - let me know on our Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pages.

We’re also going to be doing some more ‘Ask Me Anything’ episodes in the coming weeks too - so if you have any questions whatsoever - then again please do share these on my Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pages and the team will be collating all the questions and we’ll answer as many as we possibly can.

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Check out my YouTube video of the podcast recording here:


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