COVID19: From Inside ITU with Dr Attam Singh

08 Apr 2020

On the podcast today I welcome along Dr Attam Singh for another special episode relating to COVID-19.

Originally, Dr Singh was coming onto the podcast with me to talk about the use of CBD in healthcare.   He is a clinical associate of the London Pain Clinic and a consultant in pain medicine.  He qualified in qualified in anaesthesia before becoming professional trained as a Consultant in Pain Medicine.

We were going to talk about all things CBD related with Dr Attam - it’s use in pain, anxiety, what CBD is, where it comes from and what the legislation is. He is one of the only medical registered practitioners using CBD in these ways in clinic and would have been an ideal guest to share all of these insights with us - but we will definitely record another episode on this subject in the future.

Today however we are going to be talking with Dr Attam about COVID-19 and his experience thus far - including how he is one of the thousands of doctors who have been drafted straight into emergency rotas staffing intensive care units in the UK, looking after the sickest patients with COVID-19.

I would like to exercise some caution for anyone listening to this episode - the details certainly in the first part of the episode are directly from the front line and are very in depth, so if you are suffering from anxiety or overwhelm at this time, you may wish to listen to the second half of the episode where we talk about the optimistic outcomes and what we can learn from this pandemic going forward, or alternatively have a listen to another of our wonderful episodes.

We talk about the following in our episode today:

  • The change in Dr Attam's role over the last few weeks
  • His in depth front line ITU experience with COVID-19
  • Current pressing issues regarding drugs and the oxygen supplies in the UK
  • The current treatments for COVID-19
  • Coping mechanisms for us all at this time
  • The techniques that Dr Attam uses to remain calm in ITU
  • Potential positives that can come from the current pandemic
  • What we have to look forward to in the coming months


I do hope that you find this episode informative and useful at this time, and I would really love your feedback on the content that we are sharing here.

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We just are noticing that this is happening more and more with our patients - that actually they dont seem that unwell, and they present as if theyve just walked up a couple of stairs.  And they come in and you just look at their status and they are in a very very bad way

Dr Attam Singh

In this episode you will hear two medics talking openly and honestly to each other about the current situation and sharing our experiences on the front line thus far.
Anything we share here is with the utmost respect for the structure of the healthcare system right now and for those all those involved.
We are looking for some light at the end of the tunnel but are most definitely not detracting from the seriousness of the situation whatsoever.
Check out my video of the podcast with Dr Attam Singh here:

GUEST: Dr Attam Singh

Dr Attam Singh MB BS, FRCA, FFPMRCA is a Clinical Associate of the London Pain Clinic.  As a Consultant in Pain Medicine, Dr Singh is very experienced in both the assessment and treatment of pain. Dr Singh is a multi-award winning Consultant, with awards including the Clinical Excellence Award for showing Care and Compassion in Clinical Practice in 2013 and Health Service Journal Award for Patient Safety in 2014. In addition to his Harley Street private practice, Dr Singh is a Consultant in Pain Medicine based at the award winning Hip Fracture Unit in West Hertfordshire NHS Trust, where he has developed a dynamic and cohesive pathway for treating painful broken hips which is now being replicated across the country.  Furthermore, he is the Acute Pain Lead at Watford General Hospital where he manages the Acute Pain team. Dr Singh specialises in musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain of either single or multiple origin providing a personalised, holistic approach to treat and perform interventional procedures when necessary. He uses targeted nerve techniques with ultrasound to promote a prompt and speedy recovery. Dr Singh’s other specialisms also include:

  • Neck and Back pain
  • Head and face pain
  • Joint pain
  • Fibromyalgia  
  • Widespread pain issues, such as CRPS
  • Pelvic Pain
Dr Singh qualified in anaesthesia before becoming professional trained as a Consultant in Pain Medicine and has worked in hospitals both in the UK and USA. Dr Singh is an educator and regularly teaches trainees and other medical personnel having presented abstracts and posters at national and international conferences. He is also a keen researcher and has spent time researching new forms of neuromodulation for the long term treatment of neuropathy in London. He was also awarded a prestigious fellowship at the world renowned University of Michigan, where he taught and demonstrated his procedural techniques. He also is committed to continuing professional development. Dr Singh is keen advocate for working with overseas populations who would not otherwise have access to the high quality healthcare services. He has organised charitable medical outreach treatment centres in rural India, where he and colleagues treated over 700 people, who otherwise would not have had access to medical services and treatment. Dr Singh is a keen cyclist, thespian and plays lead guitar in a rock band

with Dr Attam Singh MB BS, FRCA, FFPMRCAwith Dr Attam Singh

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