BONUS EPISODE Turning Vulnerability into my Superpower, with Seb Tucknott and Mesha Moinirad

24 May 2021

On the show this week we’ll be talking about Inflammatory Bowel Disease  - but this time from a patient point of view. On this podcast, as well as sharing the research on nutrition, the importance of lifestyle medicine, we also have to be respectful of individual variation in experience as well as the different paths people can take to control their condition.

Today I’ll be talking with Seb Tucknott and Mesha Moinirad who wanted to share their stories with you - in the hope of spreading awareness about these two conditions and how different people may require different management.

Mesha is a  Personal trainer and rehabilitation coach. 8 years ago he was rushed to hospital with a burst appendix and since then his battle with health continued and he developed Ulcerative Colitis. And after years of unsuccessfully trialling medications with a poor response he had a stoma bag fitted and started blogging under the name  “mrcolitiscrohns”.

Seb was diagnosed in 2008 with UC that completely changed his life. It shaped the person he is to the work he does and the people he surrounds myself with. He ultimately was able to take  a diet and lifestyle approach to maintain remission in his disease and now runs ibdrelief.com which aims to improve care and access to information for patients.

Today we talked about:

  • Their diagnosis story
  • Their different treatment paths
  • Owning their conditions
  • Making their vulnerability a strength
  • Their future goals and aspirations with respective projects

Do be sure to check out Seb and Mesha on their social media channels and websites - all linked below.


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What a pleasure to chat with these two great guys today - Seb & Mesha - and to hear about their own personal experiences of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. What a journey both of them have been through and I really hope that you enjoyed this episode and listening to both Seb and Mesha share their incredible journey with us.

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