BONUS EPISODE: The Journey to Happiness with Stephen & David Flynn of ‘The Happy Pear’

15 Feb 2021

The journey  to happiness with Stephen and David Flynn from The Happy Pear!

The Happy Pear started out back in 2004 with Steve, Dave, a tiny shop and a dream of helping people to eat more veg. Fast forward 15 years, The Happy Pear now consists of  cafes, food products,  online courses,  cookbooks, a farm, a roastery, and a hundred amazing employees with a community of over 1 million people living healthier! 

Their latest  book is The Happy Health Plan, with information and recipes distilled from their  online courses that have helped over 50,000 people globally live healthier lives.

On the show today we talk about:

  • Their journey from rugby playing, beer drinking lads to meditating, vegan veg shop owners
  • Their business as a force for good
  • The importance of healthy environments that allow health to flourish
  • Being  vulnerable and authentic as key to living fulfilled lives
  • Their failures as well as successes
  • Laughter, Joy and contentment as the superfoods that enrich their healthy lifestyles


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What a treat to have these great guys on the podcast - we've known each other for quite a while now and it's always great to chat to Stephen and David - what an energy and enthusiasm they always bring to every conversation!

We had a great chat all about their journey to where they are today, their successes, and failures and what drives them forward.

Do check out their new book The Happy Health Plan and there are also a wealth of fantastic courses that The Happy Pear offer over on their website - The Happy Pear Courses

GUEST: Stephen & David Flynn, 'The Happy Pear'

We started the happy pear as a veg shop in 2004 age 24 to try to create a happier, healthier world and build community

It’s gone from Steve and me to now we have a team of 120 people and the business turned over €10 million last year.

We have almost 50 vegan food products in nearly 1000 stores in Ireland, 4 cafes, our most recent on in Dublin airport and the first plant based and fully compostable cafe in an airport globally. We have sold 1/4 million cookbooks (we have 5 x no 1 best selling cookbooks and have 5 online courses that we have partnered with plant based doctors and experts - that we’ve had 50,000 people through from 120 different countries.

We have over 1 million followers across all our social channels including nearly 30 million views on our youtube channel. We have a farm, coffee roastery, studio for filming and love what we do!

with Stephen & David Flynn, 'The Happy Pear'

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