#64: More Than Medicine (1 of 3). Cultivating an Elite Performance Mindset with Sports Psychologist Tom Bates

12 Aug 2020

My guest today is Tom Bates, a performance psychologist who applies fast, easy and accessible performance enhancing techniques to elite sports men and women based on the Science of Psychology.

His work has extended into other sports beyond premiership football including GB athletes in Basketball, Swimming, Boxing, Rugby, Golf and Fencing and is working toward Tokyo 2021

Our conversation today spans a multitude of topics including

  • How to harness better Self-Awareness
  • How changing your Perception of the environment will drastically change your experience of it
  • Realising you are in total control of your emotions enables you to be bulletproof from insecurity and negative energy
  • How to nurture an Authentic self

Even though Tom has worked with highly motivated people his whole life who are looking for that extra 1-5% of better performance, his work and learnings are relevant to all of us and I think if you think of yourself struggling with any aspect of behavior, health or habit change, you will definitely enjoy this pod

We also talk about using:

  • Visualisation exercises
  • The Law of Attraction

Which are two things I strongly believe in and touch upon at the end of the podcast episode.

And do check out Tom’s book - the Future Coach - which I’m sure you’ll find super interesting too.


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"When we scratch beneath the surface and delve into the biographical histories of the most successful people in business and music and sport and art - we tend to find a constant everyday battle between building confidence and responding and coping with the setbacks that we experience.  

But its the response that we adopt, its the mindset that we adopt and how we choose to respond to the setbacks, which defines, and separates actually, some of the most talented sports men and women but also the most successful and determined sports men and women that Ive been privileged to work with"

Tom Bates, Sports Psychologist

I really hope you enjoyed that episode - Part 1 of our More Than Medicine series.  What a great guest Tom was and its super interesting to hear how he puts all his training techniques into practice with sports men and women but also how applicable these techniques can be to everyone, regardless.
I would highly recommend to try out some of the techniques that Tom and I talked about - do you notice any differences or changes as a result?  We would love to hear how you get on - do tag Tom and I on your posts!
Do be sure to check out Toms book and also his social media channels and website - all of which are linked here on the page.

GUEST: Tom Bates

Starting his career at Cambridge United, he moved to AFC Bournemouth and quickly progressed to Birmingham City FC and West Brom during their years in the English Premier League before taking up his last role at Aston Villa FC. He is now an independent consultant specialising in Sport, Education and Business and operates as the owner of Tom Bates Coaching – a Ltd Company based in the UK. His work has extended into other professional sports working with GB Basketball, Swimming, Boxing, Rugby, Golf and Fencing. During the summer Olympic games of 2012 he worked with select GB athletes to maximise performance under pressure and be at their best when it mattered the most. Tom has extended his work in psychology to executive business coaching seminars and workshops around the world. During these highly interactive seminars, exercises are designed to stimulate and inspire thought provoking leadership skills through focusing exclusively on the ‘management of self’. Tom is currently in the final year of his professional doctorate, a study enquiring into the nature of human potential and the causal variables associated with elite sporting performance: “What helps human beings flourish in elite sport” ? He enjoys engaging with Television and Radio broadcasting providers appearing numerous times on the BBC, Sky Sports and BT Sport. Tom works internationally promoting the importance of Mindset in achieving excellence, has delivered a TEDx talk and authored his first book “The Future Coach” in October 2017.

with Tom Bates

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