#108 How to Worry Less and be Ten Times Happier with Owen O’Kane

07 Jul 2021

Have you ever sat down to a meditation or tried it for a period of time and just  felt absolutely distracted, like the  meditation was perhaps even making things worse? 

Or perhaps you’ve dealt with ruminations, recurring thoughts, worry, stress, sleeplessness, all whilst the world and social media are telling  you to “Be present”, further deepening your anxiety and feelings of failure? You’re not alone. I can certainly identify with some of those thought patterns and Owen O’Kane, former NHS Clinical Lead for mental health in London is on the podcast today chatting to me about how we can achieve happier calmer lives.

He is the Sunday Times best-selling author of ‘Ten To Zen’, which is a quick and simple mental workout that allows us to focus on what’s important - our mental wellbeing. And on today’s podcast you will learn about:

  • Owen’s past, growing up during the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland and being  bullied because of his sexuality
  • What his experience with terminally ill patients taught him about life
  • What different types of therapy exist and what they may be appropriate for
  • Why meditation and mental health is not the pristine Social Media experience we’ve become accustomed to
  • How to tackle  imposter syndrome as well as trolling online from  other professionals
  • Why worry is addictive
  • How to  manage the thoughts in your head that are primed to be negative
  • How Comparison is the thief of joy


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What a pleasure to chat with Owen on the show today - we really had a great conversation - and please do go and check out Owens book, Ten to Zen - Ive linked it here for you.  It really is a great read and looking after our mental wellbeing is so important, especially after the last year that we have all experienced.

GUEST: Owen O'Kane

On release, Ten To Zen shot straight in at Number 3 on Amazons Bestsellers, being beaten to the top 2 spots by Michelle Obama and Joe Wicks. His book has become celebrity-approved too, with Fearne Cotton, Judge Rinder, Eamonn Holmes, Ashley Banjo, Kelly Holmes, Joe Wicks, Saira Khan, Jack Monroe and many more praising the book. Owen grew up in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, which was the perfect training ground for understanding the anxious mind due to the conflict and fear that existed in the region. As a former palliative care nurse, Owen heard first-hand the biggest regrets people have on their death beds and as a result, learnt about the stresses and worries we shouldnt hold onto. His time in the NHS has seen Owen use a multitude of techniques in helping people with mental health. He has a down to earth, engaging and "no fluff" approach and is passionate about helping people achieve calmer, happier lives. Hell leave audiences curious, positively challenged and eager to make changes in their lives. Owen is a regular contributor to press, news and tv, working with Good Morning Britain, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC News, Sky News, ITV News, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Sun, MailOnline, BBC Radio London, GQ, Big Issue and Evening Standard... to name a few! Now running his private practice in West London, Owen lives with his partner Mark and dog Kate.

with Owen O'Kane

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