#100 – Four Lifestyle Formulas Everyone Needs to Know with Dr Rupy Aujla

View #100 – Four Lifestyle Formulas Everyone Needs to Know with Dr Rupy Aujla


It’s the 100th episode of the podcast and today I’m going to be introducing four formulas for lifestyle that everyone should know. This is essentially a super condensed version of everything that I’ve learnt over the past few years of doing the pod, my masters in nutrition, patient experience, and having the opportunity of speaking to people off the podcast too.

These formulas cover nutrition, behaviour change, happiness and productivity.

Over the past three years we’ve had the privilege of inviting a plethora of guests from bestselling authors, thought leaders across medicine, nutrition, economics, fairtrade as well as inspirational people whose stories have deeply touched me.

In the spirit of  breadth of conversation, I want today’s episode to cover a range of topics, including:

  • Four lifestyle formulas everyone needs to know
  • How to approach health problems
  • The two things we can control in life
  • Habits to start today


The links to books, concepts and  people can all be found in the summary section below.


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And to all my guests over the years – thanks for joining me on the pod and sharing your knowledge and insights – what an amazing group of people and privileged to be able to chat with them!

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Summary links from today’s podcast:

Psychologist Barry Schwartz – The Paradox of Choice TED Talk

Google X’s chief business officer explains his ‘Happiness Equation’ and how you can use it

Formula For Change

Richard Beckhard – Wikipedia

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