#8: Eat to Boost Your Brain with Dr Ayan Panja

24 Oct 2018

On this episode, I invite fellow doctor and friend Dr Ayan Panja, General Practitioner, super generalist, lifestyle medicine enthusiast and co-founder of Lobe Medical to talk about eating for our mind - with specific regard to neurodegenerative disease.

We talk through:

  • What we mean by the concept of Eating for your brain
  • How food is such an important consideration in brain health
  • What we discuss with patients in regard to cognitive decline
  • How many listeners in their 30-40s might be thinking that this topic is only relevant for an older generation - but actually, looking after your brain is a lifelong process
  • The impact of stress, sleep and exercise on your brain
  • What neurogenesis is
  • The burden of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • The factors that have been proven to reduce the effects of disease

If I was to suggest one recipe from my cookbook The Doctor’s Kitchen that pretty much sums up our conversation - it would be the  Elegant Flavanol Porridge - it has whole oats in it and also includes berries and cacao - which is a lovely chocolate spice that adds a wealth of aroma to your foods.

You can find Dr Ayan at the social medial links below and at Lobe Medical - where you can find out more about his amazing project, teaching GP’s and other practitioners how to improve their lifestyle medical consultations.


You may be surprised to note that addressing just a few of the risk factors that we talk through, has been shown to potentially overturn a 1/3 of all Dementia cases - that’s quite incredible statistics.
Looking after your brain is a lifelong process, so make sure you start as soon as you can and as always, work with your own practitioner at every step to make sure your lifestyle changes are relevant, tailored and safe - especially in terms of any current medication.
Listen to the episode for more in depth information on eating for your brain, and try out some of the recipes in my book, on the website and and across social media


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