#243 Spices to Reduce Inflammation with Dr Rupy Aujla

17 Apr 2024

A number of lifestyle related illnesses have uncontrolled inflammation at its core. Whether that’s obesity, heart disease or even dementia, inflammation appears to play a role.

I’ve done a free mini-series on inflammation that you can find on my newsletter, where I talk about the big drivers of inflammation (namely gut health, exercise, sleep and mindset) and we’ve done a number of episodes on inflammation on the podcast to determine what it is and why we’d all be better reducing it. And on todays podcast I wanted to zoom in on spices in particular.

These are by no means the only spices with inflammation reducing potential, but possibly the ones I used most commonly and are likely to have the biggest evidence base.

Ginger, Turmeric and Cinnamon are my go to and I get at least one of these spices in my diet daily.

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