#102 Eating for Fertility with Dr Harriet Holme

26 May 2021

On the show today we are talking about eating for fertility with Dr Harriet Holme, a Registered Nutritionist (with the AfN) and experienced paediatrician in the NHS. After studying at Cambridge University, Dr Harriet worked in the NHS for over a decade, specialising in paediatric oncology. It’s this experience that gives nutrition advocates like myself and Harriet a unique perspective of the landscape and the interplay between nutrition and medicine.

Dr Harriet has authored two books ‘Eating During Pregnancy’, that she wrote to provide mums to be with credible information on pregnancy nutrition and ‘Postpartum Nutrition: An Expert’s Guide to Eating After a Baby’, to support new mums, and their journey through motherhood and weaning. Dr Harriet also has a number of virtual courses on nutrition on her website https://healthyeatingdr.com, the links to which are on the podcast show notes.

These are topics that I’m asked about a lot for the podcast so I’m delighted that Dr Harriet was able to talk with us and share her knowledge and experience with you all. On the show we talk about foods and supplements that may support your fertility

  • Carbohydrates and the types that are more beneficial
  • The importance of male fertility, sperm nourishment and lifestyle
  • Dairy and soy and there links with fertility
  • Fats  and the importance of omega 3
  • The environmental impact on fertility with a particular focus on pesticides and pollution
  • Alcohol and supplements that you may want to consider


There’s also an article to support today’s podcast that  you can find on the doctor’s kitchen website by clicking this link which lists some of the evidence base used for the recommendations and I hope you find it a useful resource for you and your loved ones.


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It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Dr Harriet on the podcast today - what a wealth of knowledge in the area of fertility and Im delighted to be able to share this episode with you all.
As I mentioned above, Im asked about the topic of fertility a lot and have many requests to feature the subject on the podcast.  So alongside the article on our website thats linked here too - I hope you find this a great and really helpful resource of information with some great insights and tips that you can take away.
Breastfeeding Mums Nutrition Checklist
Pregnancy Nutrition Checklist 
Link to book: Eating During Pregnancy,
Link to book: Postpartum Nutrition: An Expert’s Guide to Eating After a Baby
Link to Podcast
Link to Online Courses

GUEST: Dr Harriet Holme

Im a Registered Nutritionist (AfN), and former experienced paediatrician. After studying at Cambridge University, I worked in the NHS for over a decade, ultimately specialising in paediatric oncology. I also have a PhD in genetics, lecture on nutrition, and was commissioned to write a novel degree combining culinary skills, nutrition and health.  My focus is science backed nutrition, and Im passionate about sharing credible information to empower people to eat for their health.  I have authored two books Eating During Pregnancy, that I wrote to provide mums to be with credible information on pregnancy nutrition.  My second book is ‘Postpartum Nutrition: An Expert’s Guide to Eating After a Baby’, that was written to support new mums, and their journey through motherhood and weaning.

with Dr Harriet Holme

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