#93 Ending Childhood Hunger (Part 2 of 2) with Owen Burton from One Feeds Two

17 Mar 2021

On the podcast we are continuing the critical conversation around child poverty and hunger that, quite frankly I’m embarrassed to have to be talking about in 2021.

Rather than complaining or pointing out a desperate situation I want to shine  a light on some incredible initiatives. On that note, I want you to  ponder on this:

Can we use hunger to end hunger?

This is the simple revolutionary formula that my next guest and his colleagues founded over 10 years ago. Owen Burton co-founded One feeds  Two. A charitable organisation that  partners with food brands and work to provide school meals to children living in poverty across the globe.

Thus far, One Feeds Two’s partners have donated over 10 millions school meals - and in 2021 alone, they hope to donate over 6 million school meals. The school meals are locally sourced, largely plant-based and typical of the local cuisine - “what the kids would be eating if they were eating at home”.

On the show today we talk about:

  • Owen’s travel and corporate background
  • The early foundations of one feeds two
  • Why school meals are magical and the impact on poverty
  • What we can learn from One feeds Two as it relates to child poverty in  the UK
  • Owen’s current projects and his new drinks brand “Fount”


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GUEST: Owen Burton, One Feeds Two

Owen was formerly a management consultant working a lot in the food and beverage industry. He is the founder of Fount Drinks, an innovative drinks brand championing a mission of "better for you - and the planet" and runs One Feeds Two. Hes married with three children.

with Owen Burton, One Feeds Two

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