#92 Ending Childhood Hunger (Part 1 of 2) with FareShare and Magic Breakfast

View #92 Ending Childhood Hunger (Part 1 of 2) with FareShare and Magic Breakfast


This is one of the most pressing conversations of  the moment.

The extent of childhood hunger and food insecurity that exists  not in third world countries, but here in the UK. It is absolutely astounding that 1 in 8 people are food insecure coupled with the fact that a third of food is wasted along various parts of the supply chain.

To open up this discussion I’m inviting representatives  from  2 incredible organisations working to tackle these issues in their unique ways, for a fairer and more compassionate society. One where  nobody is left unseen nor hungry.

Rather than complaining or pointing out a desperate situation I want to shine  a light on these incredible charities

First I speak with Alyson Walsh, Commercial Director with responsibility for Fundraising, Marketing Communications and Volunteering at Fareshare. With 25 years’ experience in the food and retail sector, Alyson possesses a wealth of industry and consumer knowledge,

Later in this pod, I also speak with Emily Frezza (a former primary school teacher) and Alysa Remtulla from Magic Breakfast, a registered charity providing healthy breakfasts to children in the UK who arrive at school too hungry to learn.

We talk about the foundations of the charity and the scale of the issue of food insecurity amongst children in the UK. 2 million children in the UK suffer hunger and Magic Breakfast extend their expert support to their partners across 960 Primary, Secondary, ASL/Special Educational Needs Schools and Pupil Referral Units in disadvantaged areas of England and Scotland. They reach around 167,000 children to ensure they start their school day with the energy and nutrition they need to be able to make the most of their morning lessons. 

On the pod today we cover the following:

  • Overview of  the problem
  • What is Food insecurity – what it is, how much of an issue it is, how it’s increased since the pandemic.
  • Food insecurity is a pre-pandemic problem
  • How to tackle the stigma surrounding food insecurity
  • The logistical issues surrounding food redistribution
  • How to get involved with both Fareshare and Magic Breakfast


All the social media links for both organisations are noted in the summary section below.

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I hope that you agree that this is an incredibly important conversation for us all to be having right now –  I was absolutely delighted to be able to speak to both Alyson and Emily and Alysa for the podcast today.

These organisations are doing amazing work right now in the UK and please do go and check them out – and if you can help in any way then they really would appreciate all and any help that they can get at the moment.


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Guest: Alyson Walsh - Fareshare & Emily Frezza and Alysa Remtulla from Magic Breakfast

Alyson Walsh – Commercial Director, Fareshare

Alyson  Walsh  is Commercial Director with responsibility for Fundraising, Marketing Communications and Volunteering, having joined the organisation in 2016. With 25 years’ experience in the food and retail sector, Alyson possesses a wealth of industry and consumer knowledge, having previously worked on product development, launches and communication campaigns both in the UK and internationally for Sainsbury’s, Kingfisher plc and Fortnum & Mason. She is a published writer with articles having been featured in The Guardian and The Sunday Times.


Emily Frezza – School Partner and Team Leader, North West England, Magic Breakfast

Emily has worked for Magic Breakfast for almost 5 years as a School Partner, then Team Leader in the North West of England. She works closely with schools to ensure they have the support they need to make breakfast available to all children at risk of hunger without barrier or stigma. Prior to this, Emily worked as a primary school teacher in Manchester for 7 years so knows first-hand both how hunger can be a barrier to children’s learning and the pressures that schools, and children, are under to achieve academically. Emily also has two lively, hungry boys aged 6 and 8 so understands the importance of breakfast and the challenges that can exist to get it delivered successfully in the morning!

Alysa Remtulla, Head of Policy and Campaigns, Magic Breakfast

Alysa has worked for Magic Breakfast for two years as Head of Policy and Campaigns. She leads Magic Breakfast’s work to build public support and political will for government-led school breakfast provision. Alysa previously worked for an HIV and AIDS charity, similarly leading their campaigns team, and has also worked in Government.

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