#222 Nitric Oxide, Nitrates and Nitrites in Food with Dr Rupy Aujla

15 Nov 2023

You might’ve heard the terms nitrates, nitrites or nitric oxide in different contexts. There have been headlines about the “dangers” of nitrites in food, especially in processed meats like ham or bacon. But there’s also a lot of talk about the benefits of nitric oxide? It’s a very confusing topic, but hopefully after listening to todays podcast you’ll understand everything you need to know about these compounds!

In this podcast, I’ll go through:

  • What nitrates actually as well as the terms you might have heard - nitrates, nitrites, nitric oxide and nitrosamines
  • The controversy around these compounds
  • How the body handles them and their impact on health
  • Which foods are the highest in nitrates and why you want to eat them every day

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