#213 Supplements for Oral Health, Flossing and Slowing Gum Recession with Dr Victoria Sampson

13 Sep 2023

Today we’re discussing the connection between oral health and general health and diving into topics like flossing, Alzeihmers, the oral microbiome and supplements for your teeth. And I’m also revealing my own oral microbiome test results live on the podcast which reveal some shocking truths about my diet … you won’t want to miss it!

Dr Victoria Sampson is known for being one of the leaders in preventative and holistic dentistry, lecturing globally on the topic and recognised for her achievements by ranking in the top 50 most influential dentists in the UK. 

She is also known for her work in developing salivary diagnostics and microbiome testing both of which I got to experience at her clinic in London that you can check out at www.thehealthsociety.co.uk … and fun fact, Victoria also DJs in her spare time and has over 15 playlists she plays for her patients to enhance their dental experience in her chair.

Today we talk about:

  • The reasons why gum recessions occur 
  • How to slow gum reccessions
  • My microbiome and collagen breakdown tests
  • Why mouthwash choice is so important

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