I’m so excited to share with you my first Book!

This cookbook is what I describe as a culinary journey through food in medicine. A real foodies book that I hope people from all walks of life will really appreciate.

What’s in The Book

Using my experience as an NHS GP, health writer and foodie, I take you through why food is medicinal in the first sections and complement the science with 100 delicious easy to make dishes.

I’ve speckled all the recipes with bite-sized chunks of information to give you a sense of the interesting research surrounding nutrition in medicine.

In the book I talk you through some of the most exciting aspects of healthy eating and the science that underpins it.

How largely plant based ‘colourful’ diets are the healthiest, why gut health is not a fad and how you can use all this information to make actionable changes to your lifestyle.

The Doctor's Kitchen book

Using my experience as a medical doctor, the years I’ve spent immersing myself in the literature on nutrition as well as my passion for recipe creating, I think you are going to love reading this practical book.

Flavour as well as function is what I’m passionate about.

The Doctor's Kitchen book


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