The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: BONUS EPISODE Sustainable Weight Loss with Dr Nick Fuller

On the  podcast  today  we have the amazing obesity researcher Dr Nick Fuller who brings together a diversity of skills having held positions in both the industry and academic sectors. His current position as Commercial and Industry Program Leader within the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney involves working with government and industry to identify and develop cost-effective treatments for the treatment and management of obesity and related physical and mental health disorders.

He has a proven track record of commercialising research in this field to improve not only the health of Australians but the rest of the globe, and continues to receive significant funding and awards for his work with the Interval Weight Loss program. He is also the author of three best-selling books on the Interval Weight Loss program

Nick’s work has resulted in policy change in the field of obesity and metabolic disease and his research has been published in The Lancet and JAMA.


Click here to listen to the podcast where you can find full show notes and social media links


On today’s podcast you will learn about:

  • The Brain body weight regulation in the hypothalamus
  • Why we’re geared to protect against weight loss, more than gain
  • The impact of hedonic influence and how dopamine affects food intake
  • Why rapid diet-induced weight loss brings about negative changes to energy storage, appetite & ultimately weight regain
  • Why people aren’t failing on their weight loss attempts due to a lack of willpower, they are failing due to the biology
  • How interval weight loss is a sustainable weight loss programme and why it works alongside lifestyle changes

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