Biohacker Summit Stockholm 2017

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Biohacker summit Stockholm 2017 Wheeling a B vitamin drip on stage, the tone was set right from the start! Our host was an enthusiastic character and fellow ‘biohacker’ alongside Teemu, one of the 3 masterminds behind the event. I quickly learnt that this community has the common goal of striving to become real life ‘Jedis’….

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Fats Tutorial

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All you need to know about fats in 10 minutes! A simple overview of what they are, why they’re important for us and how quality plays a huge role. It can be very confusing with lots of names, media hype and scaremongering. This is my pragmatic approach! In summary, fats are VITAL for you. You…

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Tips for Menstrual Problems

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Tips for Menstrual Problems I recently attended an event curated by ‘Binti International’, an organisation dedicated to designing community projects that manufacture reusable and disposable sanitary products. As a doctor championing ‘food as medicine’ I was asked to talk about the link between diet and common menstrual problems. Is there anything women can eat or…

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Advice for Diabetes

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Tips for Diabetics! This is going to be a loooong post so … buckle up! I’ve decided to compile a list of tips I always dish out to patients in clinic who suffer from the following: a. overweight b. at risk of metabolic syndrome c. have metabolic syndrome d. have diabetes But first .. DISCLAIMER…

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Tips for Night Shift Workers

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Tips for night shift workers Before and after shifts, people often complain of abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, low mood and increased susceptibility to common viruses. Studies looking at brain waves show that sleep rhythms are incredibly important to health. Proper alignment influences metabolism, inflammation pathways and stress hormones. So it’s no wonder us night shift…

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5 Plant based sources of Protein

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Why should we be eating more plant based protein when we can just eat meat? Meat’s a convenient source of all 9 essential amino acids, it has the added source of Iron, B12 not to mention great fatty acids in wild fish. Plant based sources on the other hand have lots of fibre, added minerals,…

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IFM 2016 Top 5 Lifestyle Tips

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IFM 2016 Top 5 Lifestyle Tips This year I was fortunate enough to attend the Institute for Functional Medicine’s annual conference in San Diego. It was fantastic to be amongst like minded scientists and clinicians with the collective goal of researching and practicing lifestyle medicine. Here are my top 5 takeaways from this years event….

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