Sesame and Cayenne Broad Beans with Asparagus and Spinach

Serves 2

About this recipe

I’ve always tried to be experimental in the kitchen. Throughout medical school I was always messing around with spices that I bought from the local supermarket. And then I branched out to Borough Market finding out more about blends and how they work together.

The addition of herbs and spices adds a layer of complex flavour to any dish as well as added micronutrients in small amounts that allow us to enjoy veggies on a completely different level. Even if it’s simply muddling in fresh oregano at the end of recipe …….try it!


200g Broad beans – shelled

200g Asparagus – roughly chopped into 3cm chunks

2tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

1/2tsp Cayenne pepper

25g Sesame seeds

2tsp Dried oregano

Salt, Pepper

100g Spinach leaves 


Add broad beans and 50mls hot water to a frying pan with the oil and cover with a lid for 4-5 minutes

Add the asparagus, spices, sesame seeds and seasoning and cover for another 3 minutes 

Uncover and mix in the spinach, take off the heat and cover for a further 2 minutes to let the spinach gently wilt 


Tip: try serving with spelt grains, bulgar wheat or cous cous 

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