Episode 10: Eat For Your Mind

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In this episode, I invite Psychiatrist and friend – Dr Sarah Vohra – on to talk about eating for our mind. As a consultant psychiatrist, author of the book – “Mental health in children and young people” and ‘The Mind Medic’ – I’m really excited to be able to talk to Sarah and share this information with you’.

We talk about

  • How Eating for your mind is an important consideration in mental health
  • Making sure you get the right help and interventions from your doctor is key
  • The gut microbiome and mental health
  • The MIND diet and what that is
  • Mediterranean lifestyle benefits to mental health
  • Lifestyle for general and mental wellbeing
  • The role of Omega 3 fats
  • Inflammation and the role in mental health
  • Sleep hygiene, exercise and mindfulness techniques

It’s important always to seek help in the first instance with any mental health conditions – your GP can provide support and resources.

After discussing options with your GP – some other factors that may be worth considering are stress reduction techniques such as meditation, exercise and sleep.

Listen to the episode for more in depth information on eating for your mind, and try out some of the recipes in my book, on the website and and across social media

Guest: Dr Sarah Vohra

My mission is to empower anyone to spot the signs of mental illness in themselves and/or others, have more confident conversations about their difficulties and to seek support early

Mental health difficulties affect 1 in 4 of us; 75% of adults with mental health difficulties will have first experienced symptoms by their 21st birthday so it is a huge problem.

Education and early recognition is key and I hope to instill you with the confidence to take action sooner

I teach easy to use practical strategies that can be used at home, within schools or at the workplace

Let’s reduce the disability of mental illness together

Book: Mental Health in Children and Young People

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