Episode 8: Eat For Your Skin

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On this episode I invite Consultant Dermatologist and friend Dr Anjali Mahto to join me to talk about eating for our skin health.

During the course of our conversation we discuss:

  • Common skin health issues that could be helped with lifestyle change
  • Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis – what these are and how to treat them
  • How stress, poor diet and food sensitivities may impact skin
  • The evidenced based and safe treatments that are available before we succumb to pharmaceuticals
  • We talk through other options that could be considered

Eating well is an important consideration in skin health.

With this and other podcasts, I am looking to demonstrate the intersection between nutrition and medicine – and why it’s vital for all of us, including doctors, to have an understanding of nutrition and the great benefits it can have in healthcare

Of course, nutrition isn’t the only factor worth considering for your skin health. As we’ve touched on during this discussion, there are also some key lifestyle factors that could play a vital part including stress levels and exercise.

Listen to the episode for more in depth information on skin health, and try out some of the nutrient dense recipes in my book, on the website and and across social media

Guest: Dr Anjali Mahto

A UK-trained consultant dermatologist. Her medical training took place in South Wales, where she also obtained a degree in Pharmacology. She completed higher specialist training in dermatology in a competitive London rotation. During this time, she gained experience in some of the UK’s leading teaching hospitals including Imperial College Healthcare and the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead.

Actively involved in medical education and training, Dr. Mahto has presented extensively at both national and international conferences. She has published original reports in scientific literature and is a peer-reviewer for medical journals. She has a keen interest in lifestyle medicine and is author of the best selling book – ‘The Skincare Bible’.

See my book

Clinic profiles https://www.cadoganclinic.com/dr-anjali-mahto/ ; https://www.skin55.co.uk/dr-anjali-mahto/

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