The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: #36: Why Chefs Are As Important As Doctors with Chef David Bouley

As part of my trip to launch my new book ‘ Eat to Beat Illness’  in the US, I caught up with Michelin star Chef, David Bouley. Let me tell you about why this man is so special!

In 1987, Chef David Bouley opened his own restaurant, Bouley, in TriBeCa. Among many accolades, Bouley earned several four-star reviews in The New York Times, seven James Beard Foundation awards for best restaurant and best chef, named “Best Chef in America” by Herald Tribune, TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards “The Best Restaurant in the United States” and #14 in the world, 29 out of 30 rating in Zagat and ranked #1 in New York City for many years.

He is one of the most health-conscious chefs in the world, with a strong focus and research for diners with health concerns; Chef Bouley’s approach has won him a lifetime achievement award from Dr. Peter Green, Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University and a lifetime achievement award from Dr. Barry Smith, President of the Rogosin Institute and Professor of Clinical Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College.

I hope you enjoy the podcast with Chef Bouley – we had a fascinating conversation for over two hours which was just fantastic and I’ve condensed the interview for you here.  I’m sure you will find the conversation super interesting to hear from a chef’s point of view.

We also did a wonderful Chef and Doctor event whilst I was in New York and you can find out more about these types of events that Chef Bouley hosts on his website – where you can also find a wealth of more information about the great man himself and all sorts of other events and such like that they are running in NYC – go check it out!

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‘I remember Liam Neeson was in the kitchen of my first restaurant, he came into the kitchen with his plate and he said to me – this sauce, it tastes so complex and rich but I know it’s not, how do you do this?  I said to him that I realised that when I was on a farm, I told him the story of my pulling a peach down with my mother at 7 years old, and she took my hand and showed me the peach to eat.  Growing up on a farm and learning the difference from using something only 3 days later  – the value is better and the taste.  And constantly looking for those gifts from Mother Nature.  Lets say you find one – I always say I take that vegetable/food for a very long walk.  We have an intimate relationship.  We do all kinds of testing together – all kinds of techniques until I find the best way.  So that when I put another one (vegetable/food) with it, that I’ve already done the same walk with, well they’re going to work together’


If you’re in or visiting NYC, definitely check out the restaurant – it is quite literally incredible and such an experience with a very homely atmosphere and the ‘at home’ section provides a fabulous eating experience, where there is no menu and you eat what the chef provides, it’s like stepping into someone’s house!

You can catch Chef Bouley on his Website and all the social media platforms that are linked here on the podcast page.

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