The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: #38: Cooking for the World’s Best Athletes with Chef Dan Churchill

As part of my trip to launch my new book ‘ Eat to Beat Illness’* in the US, I caught up with Aussie raised, but New York residing Chef Dan Churchill.

Dan studied nutrition at university and made his break in Australia with Best Selling cookbooks and making appearances on American Morning TV, he’s now the official chef for Under Armour clothing brand and on the app. He also opened his restaurant ‘Charley St’ in NY’s Nolita district –  a spread bar, delivering colourful bowls and tasty toast options with of course epic third wave coffee.   The restaurant is also home to Dan’s Studio Kitchen where he posts Youtube recipes and interviews from his EPIC TABLE podcast .. which I’m now featured on too!

I respect Dan’s pragmatic approach to nutrition and food and you can tell his mission is to make people fall in love with food again, even his professional athlete clients that could be
forgiven for seeing food as yet another tool to improve performance.

Don’t forget to check out Dan’s most recent cookbooksDudeFood and The Healthy Cook and remember to follow Dan on his social media platforms here and do check out his podcast and website to see all his amazing work – and watch out for more information on when the new Olive Oil line that Dan talked about on the Pod too is released!

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‘Food is a beautiful thing!  And if I always made food just as much as their (athletes) training, about their (athletes) work – I would take away the enjoyment of what food is.  And so a big part of what food is, is recovery – and its not just physical recovery, it’s mental creative recovery.   That moment, going back to the dinner table that we spoke about earlier, is super important.  To have that moment on your own, with your family, your friends, your team, whatever it is – to be away from the constant pressure of expectation on themselves, from their team-mates or their sponsors – to be away from that, and that’s what food can do!’

Dan Churchill


I really hope that you enjoyed that podcast with Dan, what a great conversation and super interesting  – and if you’re in or visiting NYC, definitely check out Dan’s restaurant ‘Charley Street’. It is quite literally incredible. Proper amazing coffee and the vibe is just brilliant!


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