The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: #99 The Olive Oil Episode with Dr Simon Poole

Over the years you’ll have heard me talking about the Mediterranean way of eating and extra virgin olive oil quite frequently and today on the show I’m delighted to be joined by an expert in all things to do with  olive oil and the history of a Mediterranean in general, Dr Simon Poole.

Everything you need to know about olive oil is in today’s episode. It’s origins, it’s therapeutic uses, its impact on heart and brain health. Its potential anti-cancer and weight maintenance effects. The alchemy of olive oil and food. 

Today’s podcast was absolutely fascinating .. for me! I learnt so much from Dr Poole who is a Cambridge based GP and is an internationally renowned authority on the science and application of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle. He is co-author of the Gourmand Prize winning book The Olive Oil Diet and speaks regularly on the subject of communication and change management in population and individual nutritional health. 


Click here to listen to the podcast where you can find full show notes and social media links


We talked about the following:

  • What the origins of olive oil are
  • How the oil is produced
  • It’s regenerative impact on soil and climate health
  • Diocles of Carystus and Hippocrates and olive oil
  • The types of phenols in olive oil
  • Olive and heart health
  • Alzeihmers and Weight loss with olive oil
  • Grading olive oil and what to look for
  • The smoking point of olive oil

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