The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: #70 Nurturing The Most Critical Source of Nutrition, The Soil with Abby Rose

Abby Rose is Physicist and further studied nuclear and particle physics for her masters, and has now become a leading voice in a new dawn in farming.  A farmer and soil health advocate, Abby was named one of 50 New Radicals by The Guardian and Nesta in 2018 for her work developing simple apps that help build ecology, profitability and beauty on farms around the world.

Five years ago, -founded the award-winning British podcast, Farmerama Radio, as a way for farmers to share their experiences and ideas in creating a more ecological farming future. The monthly show has quickly become a leading voice in the global regenerative movement, highlighting the positive role farmers play in determining the future of the earth and its people.

Abby splits her time between working on her family farm, Vidacycle, in Chile, and visiting farms on multiple continents learning from soils and understanding what it’s going to take to build a more ecological farming future

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Today we discuss:

● What is regenerative farming? Regenerative vs sustainable farming
● Why soil health on farms is important and how does it link to our health?
● How can we eat more regeneratively? What does that mean?
● Nutrient Bioavailability in food and how to measure it
● How are we going to feed the world? Who really produces the world’s food?
● Seed and Grain heritage and sovereignty
● Politics, Brexit and EU structures that traditionally have disabled progress
● How can people get more involved in the farming movement today

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