The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: #66 More Than Medicine (3 of 3). How to Create a Bulletproof Mindset, Cultivating Kindness and Building Self Esteem with Dr David Hamilton

My guest today is David Hamilton PhD. A writer, columnist, speaker and author of 10 books covering the science of kindness, self esteem, and the mind body connection. He is the ‘Kindness Tsar’ and has been featured on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch Live in the UK, and on CBS Sunday Morning in the US.

We talk broadly about the subjects of kindness, self esteem, mind body medicine as well as his personal journey from organic chemist at a well known pharmaceutical company, to now having the courage and confidence to preach what he practices.

On the show today we talk about:

  • The placebo effect
  • Cultivated Inner self confidence and esteem
  • Manifesting physical changes in the body and brain with visualisation and mental exercise
  • The antidote to stress hormones
  • The virality of Kindness
  • The difference between toxic positivity and empathy
  • Kindness and Positivity as a muscle that needs to be worked

I’d definitely recommend that you go and check out David’s selection of published books – covering Kindness, How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body and Self Love – all of which can be found here on his website


Click here to listen to the podcast episode

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